What are explainer videos? And why should I have one?

Explainer videos (also known as homepage, landing or overview videos) are often the first touchpoint for your audience. The goal is to identify and resonate with a problem while providing a solution.

When used effectively, a custom explainer video has the power to give your brand, product, or service a unique identity. More importantly, an animated explainer video can help convey the specific message you want your brand or product to represent.

Client Feature: O-Valet

What can I do with an explainer video?

Depending on your product, service or cause an explainer video will often be used at the top of the funnel(the consideration phase).

A well-executed video can also have the ability to drive awareness, especially when combined with paid ad-spend or a well-structured PR campaign.

Client Feature: Saint Elizabeth Healthcare

What makes your videos different?

Our favourite form of competition is no competition at all. Through a combination of creative intuition and data-driven decisions we work to develop a video that not only looks better than your competition but fits your brand and has a higher conversion rate.  

Here is some of our most recent work.

The first 3 seconds.

Unfortunately, the romanticism of advertising is wearing off and we refuse to hold on to the nostalgia of Mad Men. We live in a world where you have 3 seconds to capture someone’s attention, and the decision of the first 3 seconds shouldn’t be arbitrary.

We utilize our 3x3 testing strategy for the first 5% so that people actually watch the remaining 95%.

What is the Vanquished Media process?

Below is a rough skeleton of our process to create high-converting animated explainer videos.

Considering we work in a very collaborative way throughout the whole process, this may be switched, hacked and altered to fit your organization’s structure and project timeline.

Concept and Strategy


Styleframe / Storyboard



Full Animation

3x3 Testing

Sound and Music

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