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Top 11 Reasons Why Animated Explainer Videos Help Your Business

If you're looking for the best way to represent your business and introduce your audience to some of the key features of your product or service - Animated Explainer Videos are the perfect choice for you. With a compelling story, beautiful visuals and uniquely satisfying motion graphics, you are on the right path to showcase your brand in the best light possible. These animated videos come with many unique features and benefits, and with that in mind…

Let's take a look at top 11 reasons why animated explainer videos help your business.

1) Animated Videos Grab Attention

According to Telegraph, we (humans!) now have shorter attention spans than a goldfish. So where does that leave us? Businesses now need to use fresh, advanced methods in order to capture their audience's attention. Well, that's exactly how video animation explainers came to be. They provide a refreshing way to reach a specific audience and explain products in a clear, attention-grabbing manner.

2) They Highlight Key Features of Your Product

The whole deal with the explainer videos is to keep it as simple as possible. That means that the script will have to be perfected in order to capture only the key features of your products. And in most cases, that's exactly what your audience is looking for. Upon the initial contact, they want to know some of the key features and benefits of your offer/product, leaving all the complex details for later - and that's exactly what Animated Explainer Videos do.

3) They Are Way More Engaging & Fun

Animated videos are a lot of things... but boring is rarely one of them, especially when done by professionals. In this day and age, that's very important. We talked about attention span, and the reason it dropped so much is because most of the content became boring and dull, giving even more chance for quality content to stand out. If there's very little engagement for your viewers, we all know where that leads. People want engagement and fun, and that's exactly what these videos bring to the table.

Top 11 Reasons Why Animated Explainer Videos Help Your Business

4) Mobile Compatible

According to Statista.com -  More than 50% of all website traffic comes from mobile users. Half of your visitors will be browsing from their smartphones, and guess what works best for them? Videos, of course. Reading and browsing happens to be slightly harder when you're on a mobile, so most people default to watching videos instead, just ask YouTube and Instagram. Since videos are very compatible with mobile users, they will have way more results compared to other mediums.

5) They Personalize Your Brand

Another great benefit of animated explainer videos is personalization. There is really no limit as to how far you can go with creating a uniquely customized experience for your viewers. And this is very important in business. Even the great Steve Jobs admitted that personalized branding is the future - and just look at how far Apple has gotten since then. In today's age, people don't buy products, they buy the brand.

If you want to create a unique picture of your business, you should definitely consider personalizing your brand. With the help of animated videos, you will create awesome experience for your audience, and they will very much appreciate that.

6) They Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

When it comes to search engines, it's a well-known fact that huge blocks of text don't work so well on their own. When it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), it's much more than just text. These engines appreciate graphic images, unique headlines and most importantly - great videos. By using awesome videos on your website, you are effectively trying to impress search engines and show them that your content really stands out from the crowd - and it does!

On top of all that, if your video goes viral... your rankings are guaranteed to go through the roof! We will touch that in more detail later on in this article.

7) Make Your Pitch Awesome

If you're in business trying to build your brand and get your name out there, you're probably pitching someone at all times. And your offer or product also relies on a great pitch in order to be successful. Great product is not just about the benefits that it brings, a lot of it also comes down to the way it's presented to your audience - Just ask Apple!

With a great presentation, even the mediocre products are able to create great results and make a lot of profit. And what better way to present it than to use animated explainer videos? If we discount everything else, the least these videos show are the amount of effort that you've put into this product, and your customers will greatly appreciate that effort.

8) They Are Way More Memorable

Statistics show that, only 20% of people are able to effectively recall information they’ve read somewhere, and even worse than that, only 10% of people can remember the information they've heard from someone. However, 80% of these people are able to memorize and recall information that they saw with their own ways, and it gets even better if they felt engaged by it.

They Are Way More Memorable

In the end, we all create content and products with a goal to entertain other people. And we want those people to memorize our ideas. Again, this is where animated explainer videos come to mind - with crisp animations and appealing visual design, they are guaranteed to capture the attention of your viewers and remain etched in their minds.

9) Easy to Share

Videos are extremely easy to share, they are basically made for sharing with your friends and acquaintances.

And can you guess what that means for your business?

It means they could go VIRAL!

It's really hard to emphasize this enough - going viral is one of the most important things in this digital age. The underdog companies basically live on this idea of going viral. Because when that happens, everything changes. You suddenly have so much traffic and your name is out there, cheered by millions all around the world. Having just one video go viral can be a game-changer to any brand or business, after that, everything else changes for the better.

Animated Explainer Videos are built exactly for that - with their unique style, they capture attention, provide fun and entertainment - and that's just the recipe for "going viral" in this age.

10) Animated Videos Bring Clarity to Your Offer

Since these videos naturally just to cut to the chase, it automatically means they will be as simple as possible. And simplicity brings clarity with it, which is always a good thing. If you have a very complex product or service, with a lot of details - it can be hard for your customers to understand. They would really appreciate to have more clarity, at least to cover some of the key features of your offer. And what better way to give them clarity than to use animated videos that explain everything in simple terms.

11) Huge Return on Investment

For all these reasons that we listed above... Animated Explainer Videos have huge returns on investment. There are a lot of benefits to be had and the only downside can be the budget. But if you understand all the benefits perfectly, you should know that it's more than worth to give animated videos a shot.

And did you know that it's actually impossible to put a price on a video that goes viral? If you were to pay someone to have your offer go viral, that could possibly cost you millions of dollars - since the results are so good. Obviously, nobody can predict and know what will go viral, but placing your bets on the animated videos is probably a good idea.

Here at Vanquished Media, we put all of our efforts to create only the best animations that capture attention and engage your audience with your brand. Our end-goal is to use all of our creative energy to design the most meaningful experience - for our clients and for their own clients as well.

For more information about our work, take a look at our animation portfolio by clicking on this link.