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Using Animated Explainer Videos to Effectively Grow Your Blockchain Startup

There you are, sitting at your desk, working on your upcoming startup. You head out for a drink to catch a break and everyone you know is asking questions about your new business, trying to capture just a piece of your genius. Of course, you explain it to them in the simplest way possible - being an expert in this field allows you to do that much at least. Their response? In most cases, it's something like this:

"Blockchain, ICO, Cryptocurrency... what?!"

This is the reality of most blockchain startups - the idea is excellent, but it's almost impossible to explain to a regular audience.

Many startups start banging their heads against the wall at this point in business, trying to figure out the best way to explain their products to the general public. But, it doesn't have to be so hard, in fact - there's a perfect solution to this problem. That solution is known as Animated Explainer Videos.

What Exactly is an Animated Explainer Video?

You probably already came across Animated Explainer Videos before, except maybe you didn't know what they were called. They were those fantastic, entertaining animated videos that helped you to grasp an entirely new concept or idea. Everybody loves these short videos, especially if they’re top quality, made by true professionals.

Animated Explainer Videos take long, complex and confusing concepts, turning them into something fun, visually appealing and coherent. Their primary goal & purpose is to take the key points of something complex and turn it into a highlight reel with a great visual presentation. Feel free to check our top 11 reasons how & why Animated Explainer Videos help business to effectively grow.

How Animated Explainer Videos Help Your Blockchain Startup Grow

Animated Explainer Videos work perfectly in combination with blockchain startups. While blockchain technology is complex and difficult to understand, Animated Videos are designed to take that exact problem and come up with a creative solution. Doesn’t that sound like a perfect relationship?

It's really difficult to grasp the concepts of blockchain technology, and it can be a tough task to sell that to a new, uneducated audience. With the help of Animated Explainer Videos, you no longer have to worry about explaining complex technology to potential clients, friends or family - you can finally enjoy your drink in peace. It's a perfect solution for this "complexity" problem, but it also comes with some hidden benefits...

Apart from explaining your startup in an entertaining & straightforward manner, Animated Explainer Videos will also help you in other areas, such as:

  • Increase Your Website Conversion Rates
  • Boost Your Search Engine Rankings
  • Build a Memorable & Unique Brand Image

All of these extra benefits are very important to any business. When combined, they will help you to effectively grow your business and turn it into a guaranteed success.

Hidden Benefits Explained

The first "hidden" benefit is your website conversion rate. You see, an average website visitor takes only a few seconds to explore your page and decide whether you're worth his time or not. If you greet your new visitors with a bunch of long text and confusing terms, they are very likely to leave. However, with an attached explainer video - your visitors will be seduced to take some extra time to watch it, and that's where you can present your business in its best light, converting them into a long-term customer. Animated Explainer Videos are proven to have a positive effect on conversion rates.

The next hidden benefit is your search engine ranking. Ideally, you want to acquire most of your clients through organic means, without having to do much work yourself. With proper SEO strategy, you can achieve exactly that. The way Animated Explainer Videos help is by driving additional traffic to your website, improving its search engine score in the process. If your video goes viral and gets shared across many platforms, your business will come up every time someone types in "blockchain" keyword - and that's exactly what you want.

Finally, these unique videos help to build a memorable brand image and that's important, especially in this field of work. BitCoin owes most of its success to Animated Explainer Videos. Just take a look at this short video and see for yourself.

Seize Your Opportunity Now

There is no doubt that blockchain & any other businesses in crypto niche need Animated Explainer Videos. If you're trying to grow a startup, you have to take this opportunity. This is the perfect way to explain your business in a simple and yet entertaining manner - and it works.

Our sacred duty here at Vanquished Media is to design beautiful animations that capture attention and help our clients achieve their big goals & fulfill their visions. We are proud to create meaningful experiences for our clients and their followers all across the globe.

Additionally, we’ve already worked with crypto niche before so feel free to check out our final product by yourself:

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Question 1: How much does an explainer video cost?

Pricing is a hard question to answer, which we know you probably HATE to hear. To give you an idea, our high-quality videos range from $2,000 - $5,500/60 seconds. Style and complexity of the animation is the main determining factor.

Question 2: What does your process look like?

If you are starting from scratch this is what our average process looks like. Some of these processes will happen simultaneously to ensure we meet your deadline. Constant communication with our client accompanies each stage in the process.

  • Research and conceptualization
  • Styleframes and design
  • Script Writing
  • Sketch storyboard
  • Illustrated Storyboard
  • Voiceover casting/recording
  • Animation
  • Sound design and music

Question 3: How long will it take to make an explainer video for me?

Answer 1: The timeline of any project greatly depends on the complexity and the speed of client revisions. We understand that in business, let alone an industry as fast-moving as crypto and blockchain time is money! Our average high-quality explainer videos take 2-4 weeks from concept to script, storyboard, animation and delivery.

Question 4: What makes you different from other animation agencies?

Since our founder has a background in both technology and business, he understands your needs and ensures every video that leaves our hands is top tier. We have built processes around everything we do, allowing us to be creative and still hit your deadline!

Question 5: How do revisions work?

Our standard rates are subject to 2 revisions at the storyboard stage and 2 revisions at the animation stage. We use tools such as Frame.io to expedite this process and ensure compliance.