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Axius Explainer

50t50t.io is a disruptor in the blockchain/cryptocurrency space with the introduction of their 50/50 style raffle that allows an enthusiast to buy easily raffle tickets for a chance to win massive jackpots.

We worked with their early stage marketing team to formulate a video that not only explains their product but coveys the emotion, excitement, and wonder of the current crypto market.

Highmark Global Defines Medical Technology (MedTech) as the utilization of technology for the medical and life sciences industry. MedTech includes all software, hardware, digital solutions and intellectual properties leveraged in the current and future healthcare industry.

Vanquished Media worked alongside the team at Highmark Global to create an engaging launch video for their newest product - Axis. A blockchain and AI technology that enables the MedTech industry to communicate, share and sell ideas in a trusted environment.