Inclement Weather Animation

Student Transportation services Brant Haldimand Norfolk is responsible for getting thousands of kids to and from school every day both safely and efficiently. However with Ontario weather that process is not binary, this video helped them tell their story to parents when weather would compromise their regular process.

The team over at STSBHN had an ongoing problem communicating with parents about the proper process and procedures revolved around transportation on days with incumbent weather. 

They worked collaboratively with our team team to develop a script and style of the video. Their objective was to create something approachable and fun without comprising the importance of the subject. Our team did this by combining primary illustrations with a more neutral colour palate. 

The overall feedback from staff and parents has been great. Having this video in their communication tool box allows them to answer a number of questions and concerns thoroughly with one single link. At the same time developing this as an evergreen piece of content prevents almost all confusion when distributed properly thought the beginning of the school year.